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Sleepy Sheep Lamp

Sleepy Sheep Lamp

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3 different Brightness's!

Gently tap the sheep to change the lighting!

Soft to touch

Made with soft silicon, the sheep is super smooth and soft to touch

Many Uses!

Use it as a nightstand, phone holder and many more!


What's included?

- Sleepy Sheep Lamp™ x1

- USB Charger x1

Is the sheep wireless?

The Sleepy Sheep Lamp™ is wireless and requires charging from the included USB charger

How long does he last?

The Sleepy Sheep Lamp™ can last 4 - 8 hours depending on the setting and requires 2 - 3 hours of charging.

Shipping Times

7 - 13 Business Days within Canada and the USA

8 - 14 Business Days internationally

(not including the 1- 3 Business days to ship out the product)

*Due to high demand, shipping times may be increased


We accept returns 15 days once the customer have received their package. For questions go to the contact section on the header